Innovative Commercial Diving & Marine Construction

Our range of services include


Rhino Dive has built a reputation for the efficient delivery of projects to satisfied clients. Precise planning, safe execution and timely completion are the cornerstones of what we do and our robust systems are built to serve our clients. The key to our success is in our approach and our ability to coordinate assets, services and personnel in a dynamic environment, through each stage of the project lifecycle.

Marine Salvage

Rhino Dive is capable of all salvage and recovery work of vessels, equipment and objects both large and small. We offer a prompt and economical service utilising proven salvage and recovery techniques. Rhino Dive has the ability to accomplish most salvage and recovery operations within Australia.


The same civil construction processes and techniques that are used on land can be used underwater such as underwater trenching and earth movement. Rhino Dive can provide the experience and equipment to work with timber, steel and concrete or any other construction medium you may require.


Rhino Dive can offer a vast range of commercial diving services and subsea solutions. We have the experience and expertise to construct, repair or maintain any asset in or around the water. Rhino Dive has a proven ability to see your marine project through to successful completion.


Rhino Dive can provide professional dive teams capable of completing underwater tasks to a depth of 50 metres. Our divers are from trade or military backgrounds and are extremely proficient in all aspects of marine construction, engineering and maintenance. We have a range of specific underwater tools and equipment to complete most underwater tasks. This equipment meets or exceeds the Australian Standard 2299.


Rhino Dive is a certified user of the Nitrox breathing system. Nitrox is a colloquial term for Enriched Air. That means, when you are breathing Nitrox, you are breathing air that has had more oxygen added to it. Therefore you are not breathing a normal air mixture, but one that contains more oxygen. It can be used as breathing gas to greatly increase diver’s bottom time and therefore productivity. Used correctly it also makes diving safer for the divers. Rhino Dive has a Complete Nitrox system. We are able to produce Nitrox up to 40% oxygen and store it in our 300bar “G” size cylinders ready for use.


Rhino Dive Owns and Maintains it’s own 300ft Recompression Chamber. It is housed in its own 20ft container and can be mobilised to anywhere in Australia. Teamed up with the Nuvair 4 Nitrox system and 50KVA Generator and you have the complete diving package.


Rhino Dive can provide construction, inspection and maintenance services tailored to suit all underwater environments. With a specially designed programme specific to your needs, we can protect and prolong the life of your asset. Adhering to strict OH&S standards our team of highly trained divers provide a reliable and comprehensive service in all underwater environments. We have access to a wide array of underwater construction tools, all of which are easily mobilised to anywhere in Australia.


Rhino dive employs trade-qualified divers and are able to provide efficient and certified wet welds. We also carry out underwater cutting using The Broco Ultrathermic Cutting System. The Broco Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting System uses consumable rods that burn at over 5500C. They have the ability to cut or melt virtually any known material including steel, castiron, stainless steel, brass and concrete.


Rhino Dive can install and bury all submarine cables and pipelines. Our subsea burial equipment is capable of burying cable and pipelines up to 2 metres below a soft seafloor with minimum disturbance to the seabed.


all aspects of marine engineering. Our divers come from trade backgrounds and have the skills and the understanding to complete all engineering tasks safely and to the highest quality. marine engineering may include:
• Maintenance and repair of vessels
• Full HD Video Survey
• Prop repair or removal
• Sea chest inspection and cleaning
• Hull damage repair
• Hull and Prop cleaning
• Underwater steel work may include:
• Welding
• Cutting
• Drilling


Rhino Dive can assist with all your marine environmental needs.

Some such services include: Underwater inspections with full HD video can be produced to help identify potential environmental problems. Silt curtains can be supplied and installed to isolate and contain areas of construction. Seabed surveys and samples can be taken, as well as water samples to help assess conditions at any given locations.


Rhino Dive can provide the complete niche cleaning and hull cleaning solution.

We are able to satisfy all bio security guidelines while still being economical and fast.

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Rhino Dive is equipped to carry out its own ROV underwater Inspections. Our ROV measures 208 x 204 x 158mm and has 6 thrusters making it easy to manouver into the tightest of locations.

It has onboard lights and a 4K camera that records extremely clear footage. Used on its own or combined with a Dive Team, an ROV can be a useful tool for your next underwater project.


The answer to maintaining high quality , safe drinking water for the community is regular reservoir maintenance. Rhino Dive is able to conduct full inspections using divers and or ROVs we will provide the asset owner with a comprehensive report detailing the defects found as well as sediment levels.

Rhino Dive can then rectify and defects and vacuum away any sediment.

Installation of new equipment and leek repairs can all be done without the need to empty tanks.


Rhino Dive can assist with all types of mooring operations. We can take care of your annual mooring inspection , repairs or replacement mooring requirements.
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Rhino Dive specialises in underwater inspection techniques. Providing Underwater photography and Video Documentation with Oral Commentary. 


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Rhino Dive is available for consultancy through to total project management and is ready to assist you construct, maintain or repair your asset.